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The Yes-U-Are Partnership was set up by a diverse group of local people who have a shared commitment to the renewal of Dunfermline’s historic city centre and the enhancement of the lives of local people through what we hope to achieve. Indeed, central to our vision, is the purchase, repair, and refurbishment, for community use, of the former church building that occupies a prominent position in the city centre.


The former St Andrews Erskine Church is a ‘B’ listed building that is registered as being “At Risk”. It is noted in the Dunfermline Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme and the Dunfermline Conservation Area Appraisal. It was purchased, by means of a MacDonald family legacy, by the Trustees of the Yes-U-Are Partnership in 2012 from the Alfred Stewart Trust who were the previous owners. 


The building has direct historical links to one of the participants in the First Secession, Revd. Ralph Erskine, whose congregation built the current building to replace the church building that he had built on the same elevated ridge, his statue stands in the approximate location of his original pulpit.

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Objects

Promoting Community Transformation


Vision Statement

Our vision is of a transformed locality and people.


Mission Statement

We deliver services that change lives and enrich community life.


Values Statement

Our service reflects the principles of caring, honesty, respect, inclusion,

security and transparency that are at the heart of all that we aim to


Caring: We care about the people we serve and we hope to create good-natured, fair and kind relationships between us.

Honesty: We serve with integrity, trust and sincerity.

Respect: We honour the uniqueness of the people we work ​with and we act with courtesy and humility.

Inclusion: Our service is inclusive and treats all people and groups as equals.

Security: We can be relied upon to provide safe and dependable services in a well-managed facility.

Transparency: We provide clear leadership of excellent services ​that are effectively monitored and evaluated.


The Yes-U-Are Centre is established as an expression of Christian love, to provide facilities, activities, and services with and for a wide spectrum of people, groups, and communities of interest in Dunfermline and its neighboring towns and villages, Fife, and Scotland through:

· the advancement of Education

· the advancement of Religion

· the advancement of Citizenship or Community Development

· the advancement of Arts, Heritage, and culture

· the provision of Recreational facilities or the organisation of Recreational Activities

· the Relief of those in need due to age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, or other disadvantages.


Charity Number: SC042878

Registered in Scotland: 20th January 2012

Company Number: SC413698

Incorporated: 23rd December 2011

Erskine Building as a Community Hub


The Yes-U-Are Partnership is committed to the process of conserving significant aspects of Dunfermline's history and heritage through quality building development. It will provide the community with a space or facility that is modern in design but in keeping with the buildings original aesthetic. This practical and useable space will serve the many purposes that local people and groups have recommended.

Bringing about the future

Erskine Collage.png

To ensure that the building meets its full potential - as well as our commitment to enhancing and transforming the community - people will be able to use the building for a myriad of reasons; Exhibitions, plays, music, cafe, courses, training, business meetings, conferences, weddings etc.

Bringing about the future


The next stage of the essential repair works will ensure that the building is water, wind and pigeon “tight” and will allow us to create a short-term office in the building.  This temporary phase will give us time to finalise the plans, seek planning permission and raise the necessary funds to fully complete the refurbishment.

Bringing about the future

Obviously, we cannot rely on legacies to fund or proceed with our plans but as well as applying for grant aid, we will be staging many local events to support our efforts.  Donations will always be gratefully received and of course, there is the opportunity to provide “In Memoriam” gifts for specific items of equipment or the restoration of particular rooms or areas/features of the building. 

Thank You!

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