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Imagining the future

At the very heart of our longer range vision is people. Folks who come to the building for a multiplicity of reasons. Some will come to socialise with others over a coffee in the cafe, in a group activity or in an exercise group. Other people will come for training, themed conferences or to participate in business meetings. Beyond the cultural and educational activities there will also be the opportunity for individuals and groups to celebrate the important seasons of life through art, music, drama and worship events. There will also be those who will come to work at reception, in the various offices, café or as tutors, coaches or mentors. At the heart of this bustle of activity there will be the opportunity for some to experience stillness, quietness and contemplative personal reflection.

It is not our intention to have a vast staff but those who are fully trained and equipped to provide the level of hospitality and support that we desire will be supplemented by a band of loyal volunteers who will do everything that they can to ensure that people get service that is full of warmth, smiles and where necessary, compassion. Our volunteers will help people to understand our part in Dunfermline’s rich heritage more fully, they will provide well informed tours of the building, support for functions, service with a smile in the café and an array of administrative functions.



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