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Saving the Erskine Building 


The Erskine Building at the center of Dunfermline is a very important part of this ancient Capital's heritage. It holds huge potential as a Community Hub that can be used by the public, charities, and community organisations.

The building is currently undergoing some renovation work to transform it into a safe space where the public can complete courses and workshops that will enhance the lives of local people. In 2022, we finished the renovations of the ground floor,  we have available office & workshop space that is currently in use by various community support organizations.

We would like to encourage Businesses and people in our community to get involved by sponsoring a community project of their choice. 

By being part of this project you will contribute to a better future for the community.


In 2016 the first stage of this development began. With repairs and renovations, we were able to set up our main office in the building.

Now our goal is to provide the community with more spaces and facilities to run creative and positive community activities and events. 

Until now all the repairs have been possible thanks to the kind donations of materials and the hard work of fantastic volunteers. 


 Yes-U-Are has begun to generate a positive impact in the community by developing various COMMUNITY PROJECTS  and working in partnership with other community organisations.

The invaluable collaboration of their service user that participates in our Community Projects with volunteer & Skill Development opportunities has made a huge difference already in the progress of the building repairs.


As this work continues Yes-U-Are will continue to seek planning permission and raise the necessary funds to fully complete the refurbishment.

To continue this initial work we require critical funding and both the community and Business owner's support.

Virtual Tour

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Ongoing Repairs 

How you can support us 

Essential repairs are ongoing with the support of volunteers and the donation of some materials, floors, some ceilings have been fixed and the walls are being painted.


This initial support allowed us the renovation of more rooms that are now being used by community groups and to run our projects.

To ensure that the building can be developed further as a truly useful resource for the people of Dunfermline we still need:

Qualified advice and work
DIY and Decoration materials, paint and brushes, 
Equipment and Furniture

As a token of gratitude, our Sponsors will be advertised all around the building, in all our Social Media and all our events, or a plaque in recognition of your support.

Please Get in touch with us, we are welcome any help.

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Please make a donation to support the ongoing Building repair work.


You can make a donation through our PayPal
Donate Button it is secure and free 

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