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If you would like to support us then become a member of Yes-U-Are.
  • Membership entitles you to attend and vote at our AGM.
  • We will also keep you informed via email of our other events throughout the year and the progress of the project.
There are three types of full membership available to supporters:
 Full individual membership
Full corporate membership (For non-statutory bodies, social enterprises and charities)
 Full nominee membership (For corporate representatives)

Voting at annual general meetings (AGM): 
Charities with a membership will usually be required to hold an AGM which is an opportunity for members to attend and vote on various matters that have a direct bearing on the governance of the charity to which they belong.

 Members may also have the opportunity to call and participate in an EGM (extraordinary general meeting, sometimes also called a special general meeting), Voting at these meetings is the most common way in which members exercise their administrative rights and is their main opportunity to influence the running of the charity.

At the AGM, members will typically:

• endorse the accounts and report for the year;

• elect some or all of the charity trustees (where elections are held annually);

• approve the appointment of auditors; and

• approve previous minutes.


They may also consider matters such as a change in the charity's name or objects and determine questions of constitutional change such as the destination of the charity's property on winding up or amalgamation, although these considerations are sometimes undertaken at an extraordinary general meeting.

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