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Terms & Conditions 

Hours of trading: 11 am to3 pm
Setting up Times:  10 am – 4:00 pm


By viewing our website, booking a stall, and making the payment you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. ( please feel free to talk to us about these conditions, this is a guide to help us but we can accomodates as permited)


  • A Stall (table) must be paid for in full in order to secure your place. We are unable to hold any places without full payment.

  • Your stall/pitch is not guaranteed until payment is received in full.

  • Registration will not be complete until all supporting documents including a copy of your Public Liability Insurance certificate are submitted. Insurance cover must be valid for the date of the market. (Fife council's condition for the market is that vendors need to have permissions and insurance. The organizer with not be responsible for any complaints).

  1. No stallholder shall sell any goods or carry on any activity not stipulated on the application form. The Organiser’s representatives shall have the power to remove from the event any stallholder whose articles are not in accordance with the description given on the entry form, and the exhibitor shall forfeit all fees paid and the Organiser’s will not be liable for compensation.

  2. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to provide a complete and accurate description of the activity to be carried out/goods for sale/display on the application form.

The Organisers reserves the right to turn down a stall application if it is deemed that there are already sufficient stalls of that type, or similar, or if we deem that the type of stall is not suitable for the Event’s Theme. If, in the view of the Organisers too many stallholders apply to sell products of a similar nature, priority will be given to local businesses subject to standards of quality and at the Organisers discretion. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any application without necessarily giving the reason for doing so.

Please check the dates carefully prior to booking.  Once an order is placed it cannot be refunded.

Events start promptly at the advertised times, so whilst it is important to be 30 minutes early to set up your table. 

Please also understand that we cannot hold the event back if you are running late.


We advise customers to please check the contact us section of our website and familiarise yourself with the location and nearby parking prior to attending an event.

Workshops postponed or canceled due to Covid-19:

In a situation where your workshop, class, or event (market stall) is unable to go ahead because of government advice or restrictions, you will straight away receive a credit code via email for the full value of the missed event,  You can then choose whether you would like to hold onto it until you can use it to rebook another event. 

Workshops and classes canceled by you

Stallholders must inform the Organisers if for any reason they are unable to attend.

We are unable to offer any refunds for our event market, classes, and workshops once you have booked.
If for any reason you are unable to attend please contact us and we will try to find someone to take your place.

If this is not possible feel free to send a substitute, just let us know of any name change in advance.

We will always do our best to fill these places but please be aware that in our experience it can be difficult to fill places at short notice.

If it has been possible for us to find someone to take your place we can then transfer you onto a later date of your choice.

Places can only be transferred if we find someone to fill your place.

Workshops and classes canceled by the organizer

The Erskine Indoor Market requires full enrolment to go forward with an event. In the unlikely event that a market event is cancelled for any reason, you will be offered a full refund or we will offer you a place in the event the next time it is scheduled.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for travel/accommodation costs.

If an event must be postponed due to an incident beyond our control e.g. illness, weather-related incident etc., the missed event will be rescheduled and we will do our best to ensure this is at a time to suit all participants. 

Please ensure that you have provided us with your correct email address and phone number at the time of booking, to ensure we can get in touch with you easily should any issues arise.

During the Market event Terms and Conditions 

  1. All stallholders, their contractors and employees, while at the Event Day, shall be subject to the rules and regulations of Erskine Indoor Market (the Organisers) as interpreted by the Organisers and its representatives, to any special conditions given with the application form, and to any other instructions given at the event by its representatives.

  2. Stallholders/Vendors must have valid public liability insurance (with a minimum £5m indemnity limit) a copy of which must be supplied with the payment. We maintain the right to recover costs from you in respect of claims brought against the Organisers for which you may be responsible.

  3. Stallholders providing therapy must supply details of their trade body membership with their registration.

  4. In agreeing the terms and conditions, stallholders shall indemnify the Organisers and all event staff from and against actions, costs, losses (including legal fees), claims or demands in respect of any accident, damage, death or injury to any person or property arising directly or indirectly from the stallholder’s use of the stall.

  5.  Stallholders must ensure that their activities and those of any participants conform to the Law and Health and Safety practice relevant to the stall.Stallholders you must ensure that all relevant Health and Safety legislation is complied with at all times whilst you are at the event. 

  6. Allocation of Stalls and sites will be at the discretion of the site manager. The sizes of the stalls are approximating and may vary in size and shape. The Organiser reserves the right to vary the layout and positioning of the stalls if, in their opinion, such an amendment is in the best interest of the event.

  7. The table will be supplied – but if you have you own table let us know ( less expenses we incurre will benefit the fundraising efforts) and all other equipment must be bought by the incumbent trader

  8. We aim to have stalls of high quality selling original and unusual products which are in keeping with the nature of our event and which will suit the particular market we aim to attract is art & craft Theme.

  9. No trader shall sell any item that contravenes any of the following, or similar associated legislation: Trade Descriptions Act 1968, Video Recordings Act 1984, Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1998 and the Trademarks Act 1994.

  10. if possible Stallholders must display their trading address and contact details for the public to see at all times.

  11. The Organiser reserve the right to share details of the stallholders with sponsors of the event.

  12. The Organiser may reallocate stalls should the stallholder fail to arrive by the appointed time confirmed prior to the event.

  13. New toys should bear the CE mark. This is not necessary for second-hand toys or those hand-made by individuals, though these must still meet the legal standards

  14. Please be aware that the release of balloons, Chinese lanterns and floating candles or similar fire hazzard on the buildings and land owned or controlled by Yes-U-Are P. is prohibited.

  15. The Organiser reserve the right to film and take photographs of the Festival/Event for promotional purposes only.

  16. You are required to bring all items necessary to facilitate the promotion of your products or services. The Organisers will provide no additional materials.

  17. The Organisers representatives have the power to order the removal of any article from the ground or to close the stand of any stallholder who does not conform to the regulations of the Organisers or the directions of its officers and, if necessary to expel such stallholder or their representative from the event. In such cases the Organisers will not be liable for loss of trade and no refunds will be made to the said stallholder or their representative.

  18. Under no circumstances, will any vendors or stallholders be permitted to sell any liquid drinks or beverages or hot food/

  19. Under no circumstances, will any stallholder be permitted to sell or display any weapons of any kind, eg. guns, knives, crossbows, pellet guns, etc.

  20. No stallholder shall sell any items or display any material considered offensive on grounds of sexism or racism. The decision of the Organiser’s in these matters is final and any stand refusing to remove the offensive items will be closed down without refund or right of compensation.

  21. The organisers have the right to amend these terms and conditions at their discretion. If a change is made a new set of terms and conditions will be sent to all confirmed stall holders.


Food and security for Vendors:
  1. Stallholders are not permitted to sell hot or cold food or beverages, will be allocated areas for eating a pack lunch or tea & coffee.

  2. Smoking is not allowed indoor areas

  3. No responsibility is accepted for any valuables.


 Loading, Unloading, and Manning Your Stall:
  1. Stallholders are encouraged to dress, personalise and style their stalls – feel free to get creative.

  2. Stalls must be set up and ready for trading by the allotted time and must be manned throughout the day until close of the event.

  3. Stallholders must not overhang the allocated stall site.

  4. We expect that Stallholders do not close down or pack up their stalls during the event i.e. between opening and closing times.

  5. To ensure the safe and smooth set up of stalls, details of vehicular access points and set-up times will be sent to stallholders prior to the event. Please enter and exit only at your allocated zones shown on your final instructions

  6. Food, goods, and services offered for free or sold to the public must be legal and must not present any hazards to other stallholders, event organizers, staff, or members of the public.

  7. The Organisers and any persons associated with the organisation of the event shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to merchandise or personal property, nor for any injury caused by the activities of the event, the weather or any other reason or cause.

  8. Money and valuables are the stallholders’ responsibility and must be appropriately secured.

  9. Anti-social behavior, abusive, drunken or unreasonable behavior will not be tolerated.

  10. Stallholders must keep their stalls and the surrounding area clean and must ensure that they dispose of all rubbish generated by their stall at the end of the day. Stallholders are required to provide suitable means of rubbish disposal for people using their stall. No rubbish or waste can be left on or in the vicinity of the event.

  11. long time Parking: Public parking is available next to the Fire Station Creative café.

    1. The loading, unloading area is available at Queen Ann St, in front of the Old Post Office. (see map )

    2. also, the road behind Galespie Church, coming by Pilmiur street  to the right, just beside the bus station  and Marmaris Grill
       (see map) 

 Electrical Equipment:
  1. All stallholders must provide information about the items for sale; any electrical equipment is not permitted

    1. Some exceptions: to be discussed in advance with the organiser and after approval, We strongly recommend that stallholders seek professional advice covering all electrical work and use of all electrical equipment they bring onto the site.

    2. It is imperative that all electrical equipment or appliances be tested by a competent person All appliances must be clearly marked, and supporting documentation must be provided, if requested, with the test results.

    3. All electrical cables and connectors should be of the correct size/type and used as specified in the current edition IEE Wiring Regulations with specific reference to temporary installations. (Connectors/cables should conform to BS standards).

 Fire precaution

The stallholder must comply with all instructions given by the organisers, to avoid the risk of fire or any other risk


We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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