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To ensure that the building meets its fullest potential as well as our commitment to enhancing and transforming community, the building will be open in the evenings as well as the daytime. Local people have said that they want to be able to use the city centre in the evening and that an alternative or complement to what currently exists is much needed. It will also provide a desirable base for charities involved in pastoral street work as exemplified by our recent pilot project* among people addicted to alcohol and drugs locally. See our Projects page

Bringing about the future

Yes-U-Are is dedicated to making certain that we realize our dream for the building and for local people. This will take an increasing level of effort by those with the original vision and those new members who are joining us. There is no doubt that we have set ourselves an immense task but we believe that the good people of Dunfermline are fully behind our efforts and as our own capacity wanes or we are presented with challenges outside our ken, folk will rise up to fill the gap or strengthen our hand. Membership of Yes-U-Are is free and open to all, so if you have something to offer or a service that you can provide pro bono, please do not hesitate to enlist! See our Membership page.

The next stage of essential repair works will ensure that the building is water, wind and pigeon “tight” and will allow us to create a short-term office in the building.  This temporary phase is being funded by another MacDonald legacy and will give us time to finalise the plans, seek planning permission and raise the necessary funds to fully complete the refurbishment.

Obviously we cannot rely on legacies to proceed but as well as applying for grant aid, we will be staging local events to support our efforts.  Donations will always be gratefully received and of course there is the opportunity to provide “In Memoriam” gifts for specific items of equipment or the restoration of particular rooms or areas/features of the building. See donations page

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