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'There Are No Zoos in Dunfermline' - an Alphabet Poem

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

You can write a poem by starting each line with a letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, as Alex demonstrates - using Dunfermline as his subject:

There Are No Zoos in Dunfermline

Aberdour Road’s not far away from here

Bellyeoman Road is where my doctor is

Canmore Street has the Alhambra and PJ’s

Duncan Crescent’s in the heart of Abbeyview

Eden Road is not far from there too

Foundry Street is where you’ll find the Job Centre

Garvock Hill …looks onto East End Park…

Hallbeath Road will take you to Fife College

I lived in Gillie Court that’s in ‘Brucefield’

James Street’s near the Kingsgate Shopping Centre…

Kirkgate has the Abbey on the left…Glen on the right

Lovers Loan is near Milton Green

Monastery Street has the war memorials south of the Abbey

Nethertown Broad Street has the Dunfermline Chess Club

Old Mill Court Yard looks on to the Rex Park

Pilmuir Street has the Carnegie Leisure Centre

Queen Anne Street had the Post office

Rose Street is second left up Townhill Road

Sandpiper Drive winds up Duloch’s eastern flank

Thistle Street third left up Townhill Road

Upper Mill Street’s south of the sorting office

Victoria Terrace near Headwell

Winterthur Lane winds past Bruce Street onto Mill Street

X marks the spot where…

York Place is…near the top of Paton Street…there are no

Zoos in Dunfermline Alexander Shand Hudson

Here is more of Alex's work:


While walking down the Royal Mile…

I played guitar and sang

To the walkers and the talkers

N listeners, trying to make a breakthrough

In buskers west alcove of Saint Giles Cathedral

I played and sang ‘Pub With No Beer’

A man put a coin in my hat

Cameras lights action…movies

Fringe festival takes to the streets

And alley ways of the High Street

The Mercat, Parliament square

Saw Japanese kung Fu artist there

Met Gerard there too my friend from

Long ago…took photo O me, put it

Up on Facebook…I shook hands with

Him and carried on singing…’No Hassles’

‘Walking The Plank’ filled the airwaves…

For a while and then the crowds got bigger…

‘All Along The Watchtower’…

I sang that one n all…

This festival's amazing…can’t get enough

I’ll go in with my guns a blazing

Tomorrows on my mind…

Who Knows what I will find.

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