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Still Connected . . .

Updated: May 27, 2019

We took two more approaches to writing on the CONNECTED theme: firstly, word-games or acrostics on the word connected itself; and secondly, writing following a relaxation and Mindfulness exercise.

This is an acrostic made up of words supplied by Laura, Matt, Frances and myself:

Community, casual, cuddle

Open, online, others, one-to-one or one-to-many

Need, needed, network, networking

Next, new, nurture, necessary

Engage, entertain, enjoy, ease,

Care, console, calm, creative

Talk, think, ties, trips

Exceptional, experience

Dependable, dedicated

Here is a poem Matt wrote immediately after the relaxation exercise. It shows both how a relaxed state can be difficult to achieve, and how the mind can creatively associate when you're not 'trying' to write:

Unable to stop or take stock,

shaking body will not be stopped.

Breath shallow but slow.

Can't close eyes.

Senses become senseless.

Can't follow or even listen.

Grey words strew the ether.



Relaxing is a lifetime away.

Coal face looms straight up and above

its crest lost in the mist.

I can't move.


Held captive by my own space.

Frozen lips barely apart.

I am alone.

But I cannot stay

cannot miss

cannot deviate.

I swear with eyes brimming

I will, I will, I will

Some lies are best left undiscovered.

Some truths lie side by side.

I must turn away

let the sun fall where it may.

My footfalls seem so distant to me.

I'm sorry it has to be this way.

And here is a piece of flowing prose from Laura:

Walking slowly, measuredly, putting one foot in front of the other, she walked down to the river bank, down to the very edge, where the water lapped at the verge. Although she couldn’t see it, the smell of wild garlic permeated the air. She breathed in deeply. On her left hand side was a glorious array of purple bluebells, their heads winking gently in the breeze. And on her right hand side, the river, gleaming and sparkling with the rays of the sun. She threw in a stick and watched with content as the river carried it gently all the way to the bend and out of sight.

Frances wrote the following on the theme of CONNECTED:

A Walk with Dad

I never got a walk with dad as he'd always had mum, three sisters and a brother, toddlers and babies all together.

If I were to change it, it would be me holding just dad's hand, walking in the meadows - what precious time that would be, all the care & thoughts on me. Sweets, picnic, play - just us.

Writing Prompts

1. Make your own acrostic - on connected or ay other word you like.

2. If you do relaxation exercises - by listening to a download or CD, or other medium - or practice yoga, or take any other form of exercise, try writing immediately following this.

Does your writing in this state differ from when you just sit down at your keyboard or put pen to paper, or when you try a more 'cerebral' exercise like the acrostic one? How?

Post your responses in the Comments box!

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