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Updated: Jul 19, 2019


The Erskine Building itself is surviving and recovering after decades of neglect.

As well as using creative writing to explore their own lives and health & wellbeing issues, participants engage with the building and the local environment.

We looked around the Erskine Building, first making lists of things we liked, disliked or felt neutral about. Then we wrote about them from different points of view.

Here is Tatiana's piece about the stairwells:

Erskine Building - Stairwell collage

I like the Stairwells

 I like the stairwells because they keep the spirit of the past like a ghost, and like open arms they support the balcony.

They hold the mood of the past of the building and its vague and romantic sadness.

The banister reflects the gifted hands of the craftsman who created it.

The dark brown contrasts with the pale and century-old walls.

The bright light coming through the windows changes the light and shadows around the staircase.

When I step in the stairwells transport me to the past.

Tell us what you like and why in the comments below, or email us: OFFICE@YESUARE.ORG.UK

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