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Finding your Form

Writing in a literary form, be it haiku or sonnet, may look difficult or appear to be too much of a constraint. In fact it’s often something you can learn, and get better at with practice. And something magical happens In the process of writing in a poetic form: while the writer concentrates on structural matters like rhyme, or syllable count (which in itself can be a good distraction from mental health problems), the creative unconscious is freed to come up with all sorts of interesting phrases and ideas.

Alex came to the group for the first time this week, with a published book of poetry to his name, and several notebooks full of work he’d recently written, including his first ever sonnet:

Summer Air

How do I find my way from here

seeking and searching for the light

far from this never-ending fight?

I retire to the bar and have a beer.

My brain‘s awash with useless fear.

I walk like a refugee of the night

looking for an oasis of delight.

The poet’s pen writes words of fear.

A song floats in the summer air.

I rise and sing the chorus line.

The sun shines brightly on this song,

makes you stand up from your chair.

I drink your health with glass of wine.

Time will come, it won’t be long.

Alexander Shand Hudson

The song is another literary form. Alex wrote this one on the morning of the workshop, and we look forward to hearing the guitar accompaniment he composed.

The Sun Shone Down My Way

The days were long and lonesome

the nights were cold and grey

my life felt oh so loathsome

then the sun shone down my way.

My heart was full of grieving

it found no place to stay

my thoughts were all for leaving

then the sun shone down my way.

And the light shines down so brightly

all through the cold stone clay

the truth is felt so clearly and the

sun shines down my way.

Through heaven, hell and slumber

and nights that blow away

through stormy days of thunder

the sun shines down my way.

I walk through this world in silence

my thoughts are far away

no need for hate or violence

the sun shines down my way.

Alexander Shand Hudson

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