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Breath, Sound, Rhythm

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Last week, we worked with conscious memories.

This, we explored how to write poetry by starting with a relaxation exercise, focusing on breathing and physical sensation, listening to / for our own bodily rhythms in order to write them down and then fit language to them.

Tatiana noticed that she was breathing in to three beats, and out to four, This seemed like an excellent poetic rhythm, so the rest of us composed verse by alternating between lines with four, and three, beats. Then we started to think about which syllables were stressed (or emphasised when read aloud), and how the words might be re-arranged for greatest poetic impact, and to best give the sound when read out.

Alex's poem brilliantly combines the external environment he was aware of (sounds of construction work elsewhere in the building, weather outside the building, having a cup of tea) with his response to internal 'listening'.

Finish Song

Sounds words workmen

Through the walls

Breathe in the air

I hear music

In my head

Write it down

Read write rhythm

Senses feel

Rain falls down

I drink my tea

Rescues me

Finish song

(Alexander Shand Hudson)

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