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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Usually the writing workshops start with a ‘prompt’: a published poem, a picture, an object. Everyone writes about it, or something inspired or suggested by it, in their own way. There are as many different responses as there are people in the room. Last week, Claire suggested writing directly about mental health itself. So we each wrote about what mental health meant to us, in whatever form we chose. As the word ‘hope’ came up in discussion, we closed the session by writing about hope.

Claire distilled her response into this acrostic:


Everyone is a






Eventually, each

Ailment will

Lose its



Blanket of loss

drawing the power of discovery

from the thickened lake

where there is a twisted loss of integrity,

that thread

that ties me together

as a person

in need of power

to be me.

Tonight I will see

the savagery of distress

released and reduced

silenced stifled

set aside

and abandoned

in sincere delight


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