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Erskine – The Movie

A short five –minute DVD is currently being produced that will help spread the word and more information about the Reverend Ralph Erskine after whom the former Erskine Church building was named.

Erskine DVD scene Erskine DVD actors

With the kind permission of Historic Scotland, filming took place in and around Dunfermline Abbey last October. A team of actors led by Dunfermline actor Tomm Campbell (pictured) re-enacted some scenes from his life. Using the magnificent location of the Undercroft, Abbey grounds and Abbey Nave where Ralph Erskine ministered for many years in the early 18th century a number of episodes from his colourful and influential life were captured on screen.

One of the most dramatic episodes that was filmed was the ‘bringing back to life’ of his mother. When she was laid to rest she wasn’t in fact dead, but in a coma. When attempts were made to remove a ring from her finger she awoke from the coma, much to the surprise of the person attempting to do so! Local film company ‘Talisman Films Scotland’ who carried out the filming for ‘Yes-U-Are’, are currently editing the footage under the direction of Tomm Campbell and the finished film will be posted on this website once completed.